Are you planning to take the Licensure Examination for Teachers on March 2017? Then you need a math reviewer that will help you brush up on your math skills. There are a lot of free math reviewers online. Just by typing “LET Math Reviewer” will return a million search results like the one below.

However, you will rarely find reviewers online with explanations and solutions. That’s why I created my own solutions to the reviewer above. By answering this reviewer, you will get an idea on the type of questions that will come out in the LET. Also, by not diving in immediately to the specific topics in the LET, you will not be overwhelmed by the scope of the exam.

Another thing that you need to be prepared for are incomplete information and typographical errors. There are plenty of these when I took the exam. In the above reviewer alone, there’s a problem that cannot be solved because of missing information (item #26). There are two items (#8, #27) with typographical errors and I discussed how to deal with these types of problems. Click on the link below to download the answers and solutions.

Download: LET General Education Mathematics Reviewer with Solutions